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About the Diocese

Finance Council

The Diocesan Finance Council is a required canonical body, established by the Bishop for the purpose of advising and assisting him in financial matters in accord with the norms of canon law. 

The Finance Council is responsible for (i) advising the Bishop on the development and implementation of strategies designed to assure the financial soundness of the Diocese, (ii) overseeing (but not managing) Diocesan financial operations and condition, and (iii) assisting the Bishop in achieving openness and transparency in Diocesan financial reporting.  Consistent with these responsibilities, the Finance Council will make specific recommendations to the Bishop on policies, procedures and actions, and will monitor the implementation of recommendations that have been accepted by the Bishop. The Bishop will fully inform the Finance Council on matters on which it is to vote, to oversee or to provide consultation. 

Finance Council Members

Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki
Reverend Albert F. Allen
James Davis
Reverend Michael B. Haag
William Hahn
Robin Hake
LInda Harcharick
Timothy Healy
J. Michael Houston
Deacon William Kessler
Dan McGuire
John Staudt
Kenneth Vogt

Finance Council Consultants

Greg Fleck
Very Reverend David J. Hoefler, V.G.
Christopher Sommer
Janet Vespa

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