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Diocesan Policies and Procedures

Diocesan policies are broad and comprehensive norms and directives which affect the entire Diocese. The policies of the Diocese flow from and are consistent with the mission of the Diocese of Springfield.

Internal operating procedures, practices, rules and guidelines of individual schools, parishes and agencies shall not contradict Diocesan Policy.

There are five volumes of the Diocese of Springfield’s Policies and Procedures, following the structure of the first five books of the Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law.

Book One – General Norms, Accountability, and Ecclesiastical Processes: This book addresses the formation of Diocesan policies and the administration of parishes, schools, agencies and programs of the Diocese of Springfield.

Book Two- The People of God (Personnel Policies): This book addresses personnel policies for all Diocesan employees. Specific sections address school personnel, Catechesis personnel, pastoral associates and coordinators, priests and deacons.

Book Three- The Teaching Office of the Church (Catholic Schools, Catechesis and Communications): This book addresses the administration of all elementary and high schools within the Diocese, as well as Catechetical instruction and communication policies.

Book Four- The Sanctifying Office of the Church (Sacramental and Liturgical Life): This book addresses the preparation for and celebration of the sacraments, faculties and permissions for performing the sacraments and policies for sacramental record keeping.

Book Five- The Temporal Goods of the Church (Administrative, Financial and Legal): This book addresses the properties and possessions of the Diocese of Springfield. Specific attention is paid to parish banking, contracts, exemptions and charitable gifts.

The approval of new and updated policies is documented on the Recent Policy Revisions page.

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