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Diocesan Pastoral Council

As outlined in Christus Dominus n.27 (Latin for Christ the Lord), of the Second Vatican Council, it is highly desirable that in every diocese a special pastoral council be established, presided over by the diocesan bishop himself, in which clergy, religious and laity specially chosen for the purpose will participate.

The Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois serves as a means of communication between Bishop Paprocki and the laity. The DPC focuses on and fosters vibrant participation in liturgy and social concerns. Through diverse faith communities, the advisory group considers pastoral works and develops supportive pastoral initiatives. Through prayerful judgment and mutually respectful dialogue, the DPC collaborates with the Bishop, gives voice to aspirations and concerns of their communities, as well as share the vision of the diocese. The pastoral council lacks any legislative or governing power and functions solely as a consultative body.

The mission of the Diocesan Pastoral Council is to study, ponder and make recommendations on pastoral matters, which the bishop, as pastor of the diocese, presents to the council for thought, deliberation and reflection.


Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki
Margaret Antenan
Betty Bailey
Sr. M. Stephanie Belgeri
Megan Breheny-Bennett
Mike Christie
Patty Fitzpatrick
Dale Hilgenbrinck
Reverend Monsignor David J. Hoefler, V.G.
Very Reverend Christopher A. House, V.J.
George Menard
David Michael (Secretary)
Kathleen Philips (Chairperson)
Katie Price
Linda Rull
Sr. Rene Simonelic
Reverend Scott Snider
Deacon David Sorrell
Elaine Wagner
Zach Wichmann (Secretary)

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