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Wading Deeper

Wading Deeper is the annual summer workshop to engage catechumenate ministers in a deeper immersion in the vision, method, and ministry requires by the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults for parish and diocesan ministry. It is cosponsored by the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois and the Diocese of Belleville. Credit is granted in the catechist certification process by each diocese.

Check back in late Spring 2021 for information about the next Wading Deeper session.


1997 – Mary Birmingham – Catechumenal Catechesis

1998 – Rev. Michael Clay and Joanna Case – Initiation in a Small Town Context

1999 – Sr. Sheila O'Dea – Assembly's Role in Initiation

2000 – Rita Ferrone – Sending, Election, and Rites of Lent

2001 – Rev. Paul Turner – The Easter Vigil

2002 – Rev. Rick Conway – Mystagogy Deepening the Grasp of the Paschal Mystery

2003 – Diocesan Jubilee – no workshop

2004 – Rita Ferrone and Rev. Paul Turner – Pastoral Care with Baptized Christians

2005 – Eliot Kapitan – Lectionary and Sacramentary Based Catechesis

2006 – Anne Koester and Steven Janco – Reclaiming the Power of Sunday Eucharist Forming Assemblies for Worship

2007 – Jerry Galipeau and Rev. Tim Piasecki – Christian Initiation Celebrating the Rites Right

2008 – no workshop

2009 – Todd Williamson – The Power of the Rites Bringing Us to the Full Stature in Christ

2010 – Sr. Donna Steffen, SC – Discernment Conversion's Partner in Christian Initiation

2011 - Rev. Michael Clay - Unfolding the Theology of the Initiation Sacraments and Reception into Full Communion

2012 – Karen Kane – The Role of Grace and the Spiritual Journey of Those Seeking Life in the Church

2013 - Rita Burns Senseman - The RCIA for Children and Implications for All Sacramental Catechesis

2014 - Todd Williamson - Sunday to Sunday, Season to Season - The Vision of the RCIA Catechetical Processes, PART II

2015 - Rev Chuck Barthel - From the Font to the Table: Reception into Full Communion

2016 - Nick Wagner and Diana Macalintal - The Rites of the RCIA

2017 - Dr. Steve Janco - Mystagogy: Connecting Liturgy and Life

2018 - Mary Birmingham - The Year-Round Catechumenate - The Vision

2019 - Fr. Steven Lanza - The Year-Round Catechumenate - Practicalities and Pastoral Implementation

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