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Office for Divine Worship and the Catechumenate

Book Sales

The Office for Worship and the Catechumenate [OWC] now offers material at discount from two publishers to tax-exempt institutions in the diocese.

  • Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions [FDLC]. Discount at 25% off list plus shipping. View catalogue at

  • Liturgy Training Publications [LTP] of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Discount at 20%-40% off list plus shipping. View catalogue at

You must file your order by e-mail to make use of this discount process. Complete list of TERMS are on each of the forms below.
NOTE: To place order through the Office for Worship and the Catechumenate [OWC]:

  • You must use one of the electronic RTF forms. First, save the chosen form to your computer.

  • Complete the needed information on the saved form. Then save the completed form for your computer and attach it to your e-mail.

  • E-mail completed form to . Put “FDLC order” or “LTP order” in the e-mail subject line.

  • Publisher drop-ships order to your address.

  • OWC bills you at cost plus shipping. Pay within 15 days – send copy of invoice with check.

  • Historically late payers will need to pre-pay orders before it will be placed.

  • Returns must be pre-approved with OWC – an additional shipping charge is added.

The Annual Catholic Services Appeal [ACSA] supports this service.

LTP Order Form

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