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Office for Campus Ministry

Welcome to the Office for Campus Ministry

Campus ministry stands in the relationship between the Church and higher education and performs this service using six aspects of campus ministry. These ministerial functions reflect the general mission of the Church on campus and the distinctive situation of higher education today. In her ministry, the faith community on campus must be faithful to the essential teachings of the Church and, at the same time, read the signs of the times and accordingly adapt the message of the Gospel to meet the needs of the academic community (adapted from par. #33 of Empowered by the Spirit, USCCB). These functions include:

A. Forming the faith community 
B. Appropriating the faith 
C. Forming the Christian conscience 
D. Educating for justice 
E. Facilitating personal development 
F. Developing leaders for the future

As a diocesan ministry we seek to address these six functions or goals of campus ministry through a variety of programs, ministries and resources that are provided at campus ministry sites, parishes, centers and nearby parish campus ministry outreach.

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